Uniqueness, creativity and rarity

Join us in this adventure

Uniqueness, creativity and rarity

an original look

Singularity is one of the driving forces of our project. As a result, we constantly come with new ideas and unique creations.

We favour the exchange in the design process, surrounded by ambassadors and collaborators of very varied backgrounds, specialized in their field whether for the manufacture of new models of watches, of original bracelets in Limited series, Packaging ... They are talents that share our values around the watchmaking passion.



A consistent price

We have a guideline for our brand, to offer "premium" quality automatic watches at a coherent and transparent price.

To get there we decided to remove the intermediaries to communicate by word-of-mouth and through our network, and to master perfectly our charges and our production costs.

Our goal: that our customers pay only for the product they have on their wrists.


We manufacture just what we wear


Watches assembled in France

This delicate and decisive moment for the functioning of the watch is done by experienced watchmakers installed in Besançon. Historical partners of some of the biggest brands in luxury, they work in the cradle of French watchmaking.

In addition to assembling the various elements of the watch, these artisans adjust the automatic movement for flawless accuracy, and test the sealing and the power reserve.