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Watchmaker Workshop Nantes

Men's Automatic Watches Nantes


The true French watchmaker and French watchmaking therefore still exists!

To meet your ever more demanding demands in terms of precision and durability of your watches watchesWe have our own watchmaking workshop dedicated to the technical development, assembly, quality control and maintenance of watches. watches.

In our workshop, our watchmakers develop, assemble, adjust and restore according to the rules of French craftsmanship. In front of their workbenches, patience, meticulousness, sharp vision, experience and great manual skill are their qualities.

France is the cradle of watchmaking. It is known for training the best watchmakers, who are are later going to practice in Switzerland! But we can bet that the renewed enthusiasm for the sector encourages them to be more nationally faithful. It is our wish and our watchmaking workshop in Nantes has the ambition to perpetuate and safeguard the know-how in our beautiful region!

When you buy a watch watchesYou are also buying a share of French know-how and contributing to its dynamism!

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