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Your watch watches is made to accompany you throughout your life if it receives the best care on a regular basis. Lhe following precautions for use will help you to preserve your watch watches over the years.

Picto magnetism


 Magnetic fields can damage the movement and the setting of your watch!

Never expose your watch to strong magnetic fields such as a loudspeaker, refrigerator, computer, mobile phone, airport gantry or other electromagnetic kitchen or office equipment .



Although equipped with powerful devices to absorb shocks, mechanical and automatic watch movements are nonetheless delicate.

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of your watch and avoid breakage, all shocks, vibrations or falls are to be avoided!

(Do not use your watch during sports activities, motor sports, DIY or gardening...).

Picto sealing


Depending on the crown of your watch, push or screw it in completely (without forcing it so as not to damage the gasket) to prevent water from seeping into the mechanism.

Use the crown carefully, never force it to avoid the risk of tearing it off.


the mecanism


Seals have a limited life span. Remember to check the water-resistance of your watch every year.

Never take your shower or bath with your watch! Hot water will damage the seals!



Picto magnetism control


For steel bracelets and or rubber as well as for your water-resistant watchesIf you have any questions, clean regularly with cold or lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth.

Leather bracelets get a patina over time - that's normal! To preserve them, we recommend that you avoid contact with water and oil them if necessary.

Picto watch care


With the time of micro-scratches will appear on the steel parts of your watch. You can soften them with a polishing cloth!

For steel bracelets, buckles and watches you can use a "cape" wipe. cod"The abrasive side removes possible scratches and gives a polished look!

Picto chemistry


Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, etc., which can damage the bracelet, case, bezel, external anti-reflective glass or gaskets.

temperature Picto


Do not expose your watch to sudden changes in temperature (hot/cold).
Also avoid extreme temperatures above
60 °c (140 °f) or below 0 °c (32 °f).

Sun exposure (heat, UV) can alter the movement oils, seals and color rendering of your watch.

Watch Warranties

Watches watches benefit from a three-year international guarantee (parts and labor)

Straps, wear and tear of surface treatments, the consequences of ageing of the watch under normal use, and damage caused by inappropriate use are not covered by the warranty.

We invite you to read the warranty conditions prior to your purchase.


Reviews and interviews

As with any high-precision instrument, an automatic watch must be checked regularly in order to function perfectly.

Obviously, we cannot indicate a periodicity for this work, as it depends entirely on the precautions taken by the owner of the watch.

For a request for repair or revision, an estimate will be proposed to you beforehand of the work to be carried out. 

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