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It was time to get to French time by shoving the traditional vision of watchmaking! 

watches, it is the story of 3 Breton friends who decided to turn watchmaking upside down with high-end, aesthetic, conscientious French watches at a fair and justified price. 

One summer evening in 2014, Erwan, Jeff and Jeremy set out to conquer the most demanding wrists!

We've taken the most exciting thing in watchmaking: automatic mechanical movement. That is to say, a watch that works thanks to the movements of the wrist, therefore totally autonomous, with a fluid second hand and a dial with a stylish design, that's the watch. watches !

When we design a watch, a whole little world comes to life. Our ideas materialize with precision under the hands of our talented designers and then each piece is made exclusively. Since 2015, we have offered no less than 80 new variations!

On land, at sea or in the air, we develop our timekeepers on the basis of the strictest specifications.

Our watches are tested under extreme conditions in the deepest abysses for our diving watches or at the frontiers of the stratosphere for our pilot watches. 

To validate the performance of our products, some collections are subject to the Viper certification issued by the Besançon Observatory. A source of prestige and a guarantee of precision, chronometric certification is a Holy Grail.

This recognition allows us to respond to calls for tenders for watches for elite army corps or sea rescuers.

The watch watches, it's a beautiful traditional mechanic mixed with a contemporary design where every detail counts. 



Time is precious, let's enjoy it!

In an era where the ephemeral and the disposable are in the spotlight, watches wishes to give back all their value to time and object. 

So more than just an accessory that indicates the time running out, the watch watches is a singular object source of pleasure, it goes through the years to make your best moments last. It simply reminds us that time is precious.

Find here the history of our old capsule collections, limited editions now sold out.

Discover our old collections proposed in limited series for the greatest pleasure of the passionate persons of beautiful mechanics!


It is with her that the brand watches was born. A watch that sets the record straight with elegance and sobriety. Our K-01 already had everything of a great with its ceramic case and its matte black dial, its sapphire glass and a movement Miyota 9015.


The K-02 is our first model of technical watch, our aquatic adventurer. This robust titanium diving watch has been tested in the natural environment thanks to the caving, Frédéric Swierczynski which carried her during her French record of 267 meters in the cave of the Mescla40 km from Nice.

K-03 - The Pilot

The K-03 is the only watch in the world to have the helicopter as its muse. She draws all her inspiration from the world of air, especially that of the combat unit 33 F, flotilla of the National Navy. The K-03 was made in honor of their 60th birthday. The edition commissioned by the corps was then declined in civilian version. Every detail has been cared for.

K-04 - The elegant

For our fourth model, we've mellowed. Indeed, we did not set out to conquer the moon, one of the poles or Mount Everest with our K-04. We wanted to create a mixed watch, uncluttered and that can accompany all wrists.

K-05 - The stopwatch

For lovers of fine mechanical engineering, the men's chronograph watch is "the" watch to have in your collection.
It is one of the most complex mechanisms to create and manufacture. We are therefore measuring our luck to be able to possess this type of movement!

Unpublished projects!

Recognized by the greatest elite corps in France, watches offers collections reserved for army professionals, airline pilots, extreme divers, corporations...
Each project is developed in close collaboration with the client and thought out in its entirety, from design through conception to marketing.

Our collections of the moment.

Have you missed our previous collections? Don't worry, we offer new products every year. We invite you to discover them in the shop tab!


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