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The project was presented in early 2020. Some options and aesthetic points evolved during the development of the project.

The C-02 and C-02 compressor collections are offered only with the Rubber bracelet from the Maison Fleurus. As an option, you can take the steel engineer bracelet!


The C-02 Cross and C-02 Lagon are available with orange rubber as standard.

The other versions are available in black rubber as standard.


(the photos are not contractual.)






Akrone is the story of 3 Breton friends who, in 2014, decided to shake up watchmaking with top-of-the-range, aesthetic, conscientious French watches at a fair and justified price.

We have taken the best of watchmaking: the automatic mechanical movement. No batteries! It pollutes. No screen! It's overrated. A watch that works thanks to wrist movements, therefore totally autonomous, with a fluid second hand and a dial with a licked design, that's what Akrone watches are all about!

Akrone is also a French company, which develops in the respect of French know-how. We have integrated into our team Victor, our watchmaker, who studied in the various watchmaking training courses in the Nantes region. He will ensure that your watch is in good working order and will take care of your requests for after-sales service or overhauls via our watchmaking workshop if necessary.

We obtained a French diving record at -267m, as well as re-launched the Viper certification of the Besançon observatory.

In the last few years we have had many press articles,

if you wish to read some of them you can find the links on our site







We have always worked on our own designs in order to propose our vision of watchmaking. The idea is to create different and coherent watches so that our customers don't wear the same timekeeper as their neighbour . Our mantra being singularity, creativity, rarity!

For this new diving watch project, we wanted to work around the image of this mythical creature that is the KRAKEN. It is present in many places on the dial, the engraved back and the special buckle of the steel bracelet. Wink to Jules Verne the Nantes native!

The dial surprises by its details! The lower part integrates an engraved nautical chart, embraced by the tentacles of the kraken, which are revealed in the light. The indexes are applied by hand.


                     First sketches of the dial, the idea was to "plunge" into the watch


The needles have benefited from a particular work, especially in the finishing brushed in the center and polished on the sides. This brings contrast and relief to the watch.



The C-02 and C-02 Compressor are the result of collaboration with units of the French Army. They have been developed according to strict criteria, meeting the specifications of each unit.



The public versions are the result of these professional projects. We have developed them while keeping the same specificities. The models you find here are distinguished by different colour codes.




We worked in 2016 with David Swierczynski  on our first K-02 diver. It allowed us to set a French underground diving record at -267m. We are proud to support his expeditions and to see our watches travel around the world. Fred works with the COMEX, and like them, we have the ambition to test our C-02s in extreme conditions.


Photographed by the talented Florian Launette



8 versions

Available models to order!

Photo of the luminova on all versions

Price C-02 compressor : 599 euros TTC (Excluding Options) 

Latest parts soon available on our website.

There's no aura no reissue of the collection C-02 Compressor. Don't delay in placing your order!

Non-contractual photographs, the watches are marketed with the new Rubber of the Fleurus company.

Price C-02: 479 euros including tax (excluding options)

Latest parts soon available on our website.

A new batch of C-02 will be put into production during 2021 for marketing during 2022.

You will have understood that if you wish to have a C-02 in 2021, don't delay in placing your order on our website!

Non-contractual photographs, the watches are marketed with the new Rubber of the Fleurus company.





The C-02 and the C-02 Compressor share some specificities, but also some differences that you can find below thanks to the visuals.


We are very attached to traditional watchmaking, which is why we wanted to equip this model with a Japanese Automatic Miyota movement recognized in the watchmaking world and used by many brands. The 9015 movement is a reliable, precise and beautifully decorated premium movement.

Price of the bracelet: 95 euros TTC (excluding options: engraving, ...)

To accompany these 2 versions, we have worked on an adjustable Steel Bracelet on folding clasp, of the "Engineer" type. The 5 links are brushed & polished.

Customization of the loop is possible on option.



Our watches are assembled in our Akrone workshop based in Nantes, to ensure quality standards.



Wonder what you're gonna get? Well, the watch will be delivered in a watertight Pelicase box, delivered with its rubber strap, 1x metal bracelet in option, the guarantee card, a technical document certifying the controls.

Photo non contractual. The packaging has evolved. The watch is proposed with the Rubber bracelet of the Fleurus house. The steel warranty card is replaced by the Akrone leaflet.





Price C-02 Compressor: 599 euros including tax (excluding options)

Price C-02: 479 euros including tax (excluding options)


The C-02 and C-02 Compressor are the result of collaboration with units of the French Army. They have been developed according to strict criteria, meeting the specifications of each unit.


This limited edition of 196 watches is produced in partnership with the Cross (Regional Operational Centres for Surveillance and Rescue), which are responsible for maritime safety on French territory. In agreement with the Cross, we have decided to donate €15 per Cross watch sold to an association that protects the oceans. This is a way for us to support an important cause for the planet.

The C-02 Cross is offered with orange rubber as standard.

The sonar edition is a project we've been working on with the naval commandos. We hadn't planned to make it a public version, but the whole team was thrilled with the result and we decided to include this version in the offer.

The dial is a sunny green colour with a touch of gold. The second hand is also golden.

The C-02 Sonar or Marine Commando is no longer available. There will be no reissue.



One of the difficulties for us, is to guarantee suitable production deadlines in our projects. We have already launched a part of the parts in production but to be sure to deliver watches with the highest level of requirement we believe that a delivery will be possible on the end of the year 2020 and the beginning of the year 2021.

The health situation being a factor to be taken into account in the problem of delivery timing.



We are proud of what we do and certain of the quality of our products, that's why our watches come with a 3 year warranty. Our watchmaker takes care of the quality control before sending you your watches.


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