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K-05 Oldtimer Model


The K-05 Steve is, perhaps, the most opposed to his colleague Oldtimer. It differs by:

  • A matte blue dial
  • Silvered sub-meters
  • Steel and orange needles

The K-05 Oldtimer differs from its sister

  • A matte champagne and Sun dial
  • Champagne sub-counters
  • Applied indexes 12 and 6
  • Blue needles with flame

The K-05 Panda is a classic of watchmaking that we wanted to find in the collection. It is recognizable to:

  • A matte white dial
  • Black sub-counters
  • Steel and white needles

The K-05 outlaw is undoubtedly the most sporty model of our chronographs. We find:

  • A grey Sunray and matte dial
  • Grey sub-counters
  • Steel, black and Red needles

Watch developed, assembled, tested and adjusted in France.

The K-05 Oldtimer is currently no longer available.

The K-05 Oldtimer is the most retro version of our K-05s. It is equipped with the ETA Suisse 2894 automatic movement in top finish with a decorated mass and has flame-blue hands.

Limited to only 50 pieces, this chronograph is delivered with:

  • A steel bracelet
  • A set of tools to adjust the bracelets
  • A 3-year warranty
  • You can optionally add the leather strap.

You now have the possibility to choose your Hour/Minute hands from 2 choices: Thread hands or openworked Alpha hands. 

K-05s are assembled to order. Delivery in about 10 days.

Possibility to pay in 3 instalments with Sofinco Bank. (The costs are shared between the customer and Akrone! More information on the following link

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For lovers of beautiful mechanics, Chronograph mens watch is "the" watch to have in its collection.

A watch automatic chronograph allows short time intervals to be measured. It is one of the most complex mechanisms to create and manufacture. We are therefore measuring our luck to be able to possess this type of movement! And to ensure that these movements and watches reflect all the French watchmaking know-how, we will be relying on the expertise of the House. Péquignet for the adjustment of the movements and the assembly of our future K-05!

The first chronographs are born in the 19th century. Initially developed for the universe of astronomy, they will be democratized later on the Parisian racecourses...


inspired by the automobile

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The housing of the K-05 resumes the step construction case" of watches from the 1940s. The contrast is striking between the brushed of the flank and horns and that slight polished stripe. A polished/brushed alternation that continues on the bezel, with its three-part construction. This complex construction makes it possible to follow the slight curve of the sapphire and thus achieve optimal integration of the glass and bezel.

A must-have complication

Each version has a ladder in the centre. tachometer engraved or printed. This traditional measurement scale is present on most chronographs dedicated to the automotive world.

This scale is used to measure the speed of a moving object or body using the chronograph. The chronograph must be started when passing a marker and stopped when passing the next marker. Then simply read on the scale tachometer the marker corresponding to the average speed.

The flame-blued hands bear witness to the extreme care we take with the details of this chronograph. Indeed, this process, traditionally reserved for luxury watchmaking, gives a deep and inimitable blue to these hands.

man-man-akrone-k05-oldtimer-1-landscape watch
French Men's Automatic Watch Akrone K05 Chronograph

A movement at the height

The K-05 integrates an automatic chronograph movement ETA 2894 which was chosen for its finesse. Indeed, the 2894 is only 6.1 mm high which allows to obtain a chronograph of only 13.5 mm thickness.

As on our previous models, we select movements with a TOP finish. Each movement is adjusted on 5 positions before fitting in place (compared to 3 for the lower versions)which helps to contain the drift between -10/+15s per day for a power reserve of 42 hours.

A self-winding watch is a mechanical watch that is wound by a mechanism that allows the barrel spring to be reset while the watch is being worn. Thus, the movements made by the wearer store energy that activates the movement of the watch.

leather and steel

The steel bracelet has a polished/brushed finish and echoes the work done on the case. It complements the sporting inspiration of the K-05 and will be a perfect substitute for a leather strap.

Optional: the leather strap, specific to our K-05has been the subject of a long development process. We wanted to offer a leather bracelet that has the same level of finish as our steel bracelet. It was therefore decided to develop endlinks which ensure a perfect link between the case and the bracelet. That's how our calf leather bracelet was born. made in France, which accentuates the dressy character of our chronograph.

Men's Chronograph Watch Akrone K05 Oldtimer

More information

Weight: 0.3 kg

Diameter 41 mm/thickness 13, 5mm polished and brushed 316L steel






ETA 2894-2 automatic finish TOP Geneva dimension, blue screws


Scratch-resistant domed Sapphire with internal anti-glare


Engraved and numbered transparent

Night Vision:



Custom calf leather bracelet made in France with folding clasp and polished and brushed 316L Steel Bracelet, the bracelets are suitable for wrist turns between 16 and 19.5 cm. Bracelets are neither resumed nor exchanged